Channel, as a g worldwide logistics group, not only specializing in import and export transportations between foreign countries ,Hong Kong and Chinese mainland, but also can provide other services, such as inland trucking, warehousing, express, distribution ,international trade agent etc . Rely on an ideal location adjacent to Hong Kong, we have established multiple transportation and customs clearance channels in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, which have greatly facilitated import and export procedures of all types of goods. The channels mainly include express, LCL, FCL. We group have a unique business philosophy, scientific management, advanced transportation equipments, outstanding professionals, flexible service modes. Because of safe, efficient, affordable, courteous service ,we won consistent good comments from peers and customers!

Especially in Shenzhen port, we have built up a friendly relationship with customs and always keep a good communication with CIQ. What’s more, our team are very familiar with customs’ laws and regulations. So that we can do customs clearance smoothly, fast and safely.


        ☆The location of our warehouse in HK is superior;

        ☆Warehouse equipped with a complete set of control facilities, including automatic lifting platform, automatic alarm system, TV monitoring             systems, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems;

        ☆Providing local trucks in HK to delivery goods to customers;

        ☆Providing transporting trucks between HK and mainland;

        ☆Providing local trucks in HK to delivery goods to customers warehouse;

        ☆Providing domestic feeder trucks;

        ☆Storage area in HK and mainland is more than 20000 square meters;

Professional service

◆Delivery/pick-up every day can be more than 500 bills;

◆Storage area in HK is more than 5000 square meters;

◆Providing packaging service;

◆Providing expedited delivery service;

◆Providing HK inland trucking and devanning service;

◆Acting as a agent to switch bill,customs clearance,obtain C/O etc;

Service Items

◆Ton truck;

◆Container truck;

◆Bulk goods truck;

◆Special Vehicles

◆Import into Chinese mainland via HK --- Delivered Duty Paid

◆Storage service in HK