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Import into Chinese mainland via HK----- Delivered Duty Paid
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Export from mainland to HK
In order to ensuring safe and efficient service, We allocate more than 50 professional staff to arrange devanning ,tally, distribution ,stuff. According to different areas, your cargos will be dispatched or arrived in the morning of the next day.
International logistics between foreign countries ,Hong Kong and Chinese mainland
Channel can offer our customers flexible and diverse logistics methods, ensuring cargos safely arrive at destinations in the lowest cost.
Hong Kong Entrepot Service
Help customers handle with business and account issues, easing foreign suppliers’ obligations .Meanwhile, keep the profit staying in HK to reduce the amount of tax when imported into Chinese mainland.
Hong Kong Entry - Exit Tour
Your productions, country of origin is China, and if you want to change country of origin, we also can help you. The way is shipping the production into HK, then you can change their “IDs” depending on your willing.
Receipt and payment in Hong Kong
SAFE only allow personal account to settle less than $50,000 each year and the procedure of application is also complicate. So we can help you solve this issue through the way of Receipt and payment in Hong Kong.


Channel, as a g worldwide logistics group, not only specializing in import and export transportations between foreign countries ,Hong Kong and Chinese mainland, but also can provide other services, such as inland trucking, warehousing, express, distribution ,international trade agent etc . Rely on an ideal location adjacent to Hong Kong, we have established multiple transportation and customs clearance channels in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, which have greatly facilitated import and export procedures of all types of goods. The channels mainly include express, LCL, FCL. We group have a unique business philosophy, scientific management, advanced transportation equipments, outstanding professionals, flexible service modes. Because of safe, efficient, affordable, courteous service ,we won consistent good comments from peers and customers!